About me

I’m a Guatemalan and have been traveling for several countries. Of course, I’ve been in Guatemala, lived in South Korea for my Ph.D., and worked in Chile, Brazil, and Iceland for some time. Now, I’m working and living in Norway.

I work as a researcher and Associate Professor at University of Oslo (UiO). Specifically, I’m at the Department of Informatics (IFI) working with the Digital Signal Processing and Image Analysis group (DSB).

I like to teach computer-related topics, like programming, operating systems, data structures, and advanced topics related to my research: computer vision, image processing, and machine learning.

I graduated from Kyung Hee University, in South Korea, and obtained my PhD working at the Image Processing Lab. I worked on facial analysis, object detection and image enhancement.

I did my Bachelor in Engineering from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala on Computer Science and Systems Engineering.

I’m interested in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. I work on several topics of computer vision and applied machine learning. I’m exploring the use of machine learning for a description of the world and its understanding through (mainly, but not limited to) vision sources.

My resume is in